I was very pleased with the service of Great Value Vacations. It was my first trip to Europe and we chose France and Rome.

All I had to do was book the trip on line and pay. As the trip got closer I started to get emails from Great Value telling us how to prepare and tips for traveling. Then when it was finally the day of the trip we flew to NY to catch our flight to Rome. We had less trouble with our Great Value trip than we did with our NY flight.

The hotels that we stayed in were awesome and beautiful. We were close to everything in France and walked a lot. Then when we got to Rome it was even better. Everything was so beautiful in the hotel.

They gave us first class service. We were close to touring there too. We upgraded and had the tour buses for 48 hours in both countries. The free breakfast was extraordinary.

If we wanted to go somewhere that wasn't close we took a shared Uber which was cheaper and we also got to meet people. Overall our trip was awesome. It was well planned. We only had to go and enjoy it.

I am planning another for summer 2018. Also the prices are the best that I have seen around.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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